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GL Zürich is one of the oldest and most significant Christian-spiritualist communities.


Due to human interference, the Christian faith has diminished in terms of substance and vibrancy over the centuries. Today's proclamations reflect a Christianity that has been fractured a hundredfold. In order to rediscover the original clarity and persuasive power of the Christian faith, GL Zürich returns to the source from which the first Christians drew their knowledge: it is the world beyond that has always been able to give human beings enlightenment on their questions of faith.

At the heart of GL Zürich are the German-language mediumistic messages conveyed through the Swiss deep-trance medium Beatrice Brunner (1910–1983). The lectures given by teachers from the beyond – by “spirits of truth” in the biblical sense – elucidate the teachings of Christ. They shed light on the cause and meaning of our earthly existence and give insight into life in the beyond.

Founded in 1948, GL Zürich is not a sect, but an association free of coercion – the free will of each individual is respected as the highest good. The community does not deter anyone from their traditional church, because it considers every sincere belief in God as a step on the path to God. It knows no denominational barriers and is composed of Christians from various backgrounds seeking spiritual enrichment and insight.

The main activities of GL Zürich are:

Publication of books and journals

The mediumistic messages conveyed through Beatrice Brunner are published in several book series as well as in the journals Geistige Welt and its English-language counterpart The Spiritual World.

Organization of services

GL Zürich has a video and audiotape archive of over 1,400 lectures, each lasting between sixty and ninety minutes. Every second weekend, services take place in GL Zürich’s center in Zurich, during which lectures are replayed – these German-language services are also transmitted over Livestream.

Collections for people in need

“To faith belong deeds.” Humanitarian aid is a central concern for GL Zürich. Since its foundation, the community organizes regular collections. This charitable activity is administered by the association Hilfswerk GL Zürich, specifically established for this purpose.

Further information:

History     Beatrice Brunner


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