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A Fatal Car Accident

What happens to us after we die? This question has always preoccupied humankind. Answers can be given by those who have already crossed the threshold from this world into the beyond. The following personal account, conveyed mediumistically, comes from a deceased woman called Kathrin. She describes what she experienced in the world beyond after her separation from earth.

Personal account given by Kathrin through the medium Beatrice Brunner, 6 March 1968
Kathrin: God bless you. My dear brothers and sisters, I have the task of speaking to you. I will describe my departure from this world and my initial impressions in the time that followed.

I was recalled from this world by my sudden death. One weekend my husband and I, together with our two children, drove off on a trip, and it was then that the following accident occurred: we were driving on a main road, and it had not been long since we had left home, when a car came toward us at great speed. I still remember the words of my husband, who said, “Man, what’s gotten into you!?” Frantically, we looked at the disaster coming toward us; this car was approaching us at a furious speed. And we, that is, my husband, saw no way out. It happened so quickly, and the collision was upon us. I knew no more. I had still heard the last words of my husband, which I have just repeated. The following had happened: my little daughter, who was also called Kathrin, and I were killed instantly. My other child was called Lisbeth, and my husband was called Wilhelm – my husband was seriously injured, but Lisbeth was unharmed.

At first I heard words being spoken around us, or around me. I could not see anything, I only heard them say, “These two are dead. The older child is unharmed, but the man seems to be seriously injured.” I heard this and many other things, but I can no longer remember the words very well. But I did also hear them say, “They should be taken to the morgue immediately.” I was now able to open my eyes, because at first I could only hear, and I saw nothing. As my eyes opened, I was horrified. I was lying on a stretcher, lifeless, and a short distance away, little Kathrin. I was still bent over, and suddenly I felt hands touch me and straighten me up. But then I saw and heard who was around us: the police and paramedics were there, vehicles were there, people were there, and I kept hearing: “These two are dead.” And then I said, “No, you don’t mean me, I’m not dead,” and I kept on repeating, “I’m here, I’m not dead!”

I was now spoken to by a figure who was a stranger to me and who seemed not to belong to the people around me; they did not look as human as the others. This “person” said to me, “Yes, you have died, you were killed. Indeed, you see your body here, it is dead.” I replied, “That can’t be true; I’m here, I’m alive.” And then I saw the child too, and the “person” continued, “You see, little Kathrin is also dead.” I responded, “It’s impossible, that can’t be true, because I am here, and I am alive. Why are you trying to say that I’m dead?”

But then I saw how they loaded my body into the car and little Kathrin as well, and I still stood in the same place. I watched the vehicle drive away, and I also saw how they drove my husband away. I stayed at the scene of the accident for a long time. But then the people gradually left, and I still stood there, alone. I then realized: “Yes, you really have died.” I remembered that a car had come toward us and that we were really alarmed about it. But, as I was still present and could speak, I could not comprehend that I was supposed to be dead. How could I be dead? I could not understand it. The “person” beside me explained, “Your spiritual body has departed from your earthly body. Your body will be given over to the earth, but your soul, that which makes you alive, returns to the kingdom of life.” I then said, “Leave me be, I want to know how my husband is doing, I want to go to my husband.” I received the answer, “If it pleases you, and if you want to follow your husband, you can do so.” And I said, “If I really am dead, then I have to take care of my husband’s future,” and I followed the car’s trail and found him in hospital.

I also worried about Lisbeth, and I wondered: “What will happen to Lisbeth now?” I discovered that my sister had taken her in. My sister took care of Lisbeth; they were very sad and cried because little Kathrin and I had died. I went to my sister’s home and wanted to see and hear what was going on. And so, I also experienced my own funeral. At times I returned to the hospital, at other times to my sister’s home.

Time and again I had to go to the cemetery, where my grave was. Little Kathrin and I had been placed in the same grave. I now saw how people visited the graves of their relatives – regularly or from time to time. And there I waited to see who would come and visit my grave. My sister came, but otherwise there were only a few who did. Now and then my parents came as well, but not very often. Again and again I was drawn to the hospital where my husband lay. I was so worried about his future, but I was also plagued by thoughts of what might have happened to my little Kathrin. And I cried and lamented.

When I was once again at the cemetery, an unfamiliar being came toward me and asked me to leave this place – I should now enter the spiritual realm, where I also belonged. I then said that I would gladly come along but that I still had tasks to fulfill on earth. I was, however, still plagued by great unease. I really did not know what I was supposed to do. Should I now obey this being? I thought it over: “Yes, I can go with them this time.” This being led me to a place completely unfamiliar to me, and they asked me, “Wouldn’t you like to see your little daughter?” That was indeed my greatest wish. I certainly wanted to know how little Kathrin was getting on. But I was so full of agitation. One moment I said that I wanted to go to Kathrin, another moment I wanted to go to my sister and to Lisbeth, yet another moment to my husband. I was simply confused, completely restless.

This being saw this and invited me to follow them into their home. There I could rest a little and restore myself somewhat. In the meantime, many things would settle down, and the spiritual world was already taking care of my husband’s recovery. His injuries were not life-threatening, and little Lisbeth would also be fine. I would now have to come to terms with the new conditions. I then said, “Yes, that is what I want.” But, time and again, I was drawn back to my home on earth. I thought I had to make sure everything was in order, even though my husband was not at home – he was still in the hospital.

I was now accompanied by this unfamiliar being and, more and more, they conveyed to me that it was actually senseless for me to concern myself with these things. There were enough higher spirit beings who were now looking after the future of those I had left behind. I let myself be persuaded, and this being then led me to where my little Kathrin lived.

I had expected that my little Kathrin would recognize me immediately, that she would call for me and wish to be with me. When she saw me for the first time she did indeed smile, but then she took no further notice of me. I was disappointed. After all, she was my child, and I had expected her to be completely attached to me. I noticed, however, that the house and the environment in which my child lived were very beautiful, and that she and all her playmates truly lacked for nothing. They had so many things to play with, and there were very elegant beings who entertained all these spirit children. They sang, played, and made music with them. The children wore colorful clothing, had flower wreaths on their heads; in many cases they were dressed to play. And my little Kathrin was completely thrilled by the great variety of games and playthings on offer, so that she had no particular longing for her mommy. She took joy in these beautiful beings who played with her. These beautiful beings were also dressed very colorfully – in my opinion, too colorful. I thought it somewhat tasteless, but it was another world after all. Some of these beings also had trinkets on their arms and were adorned with colorful ribbons, half the arms and even the legs were adorned with them, and around the neck they wore rings. The little ones who played there had the greatest joy in these playmates or caregivers.

My Kathrin was four years old, but here there were also younger children. These beings – dressed far too colorfully in my opinion – played with these little ones. But these caregivers were so in harmony with the children, they were so tender and so loving. And these children – only the smaller ones were allowed to do this – pulled off their ribbons, took the rings from their arms and legs, and played with them. So, with time, I had to realize that this colorful appearance was actually meant as a game for the little ones. I also came to understand why these little ones no longer had any yearning for their mothers, for they were offered so much diversity, so many playthings. Small animals were also available to them there, and they even played with these children. And so, these children seemed to be overjoyed, and it became clear to me why my little Kathrin had no yearning for her mommy.

Well, I saw that Kathrin was well cared for; she had such a beautiful life in such lovely company, and she also enjoyed a good education. This is what especially struck me: the really pleasant atmosphere. There was no haste here, no reluctance, everything happened so calmly, unhurriedly, so peacefully – it was as if time did not matter at all. These little ones could flourish and grow in peace; they truly had the peace of angels around them. I did not need to worry about Kathrin. But I did worry about Lisbeth and my husband.

I now believed it would be my task to find a wife for Wilhelm. After all, Lisbeth needed to have a mommy again, so I really went in search. I remembered a friend of mine – she had a sister, and I thought this sister could be a wife for Wilhelm. But I found out that the person in question already had a fiancé. I now believed that I was allowed to break these two apart – I was so egotistical. At the time I failed to see this, because I was only concerned about my family, about my husband and my child. I believed that my friend’s sister would be the right person.

I then tried to get close to this man [her fiancé]. I had learned how this was done from other spirit beings. I had also traveled around this earthly realm, went from one place to another, to my acquaintances, and had looked around the city. I particularly wanted to see what others did – those who, like me, had died – whether they were all so obedient and now lived in the spiritual realm as spirit beings, or whether they longed to see what was taking place on earth and to see that things were in order in their earthly homes.

I experienced many things, and I also wanted to look at all these things. I observed all kinds of things – including evil figures with a malevolent influence over human beings. I saw how they approached them and sought to influence them, to win them over to a malicious idea. I saw how these malicious figures wanted to lead people astray and also succeeded in doing so. On the other hand, however, I also saw noble beings, angelic figures, who approached human beings. They approached a human being just when one of the evil figures had spent a long time with them and spoken insistently to them [that is, to their spirit]. The angel then came and warned the human being and tried to talk them out of the evil idea. And I saw how a human being sometimes became uncertain and how they – as it is said in human speech – had a bad conscience. Sometimes they did what the evil figure had whispered to them, then the good being came and talked them out of it, and then they were unsure: “Should I do this, or should I do that?” They had become uncertain. I now realized that it actually always depends on the human being themselves. They must always decide what they want to do. It seemed to me exactly the same as when people are together and one of them says this, another says the opposite, and a third actually does not know who to believe, what is right and what is wrong, and in the end they themselves have to decide what to believe, what is right, or what they must do. That is exactly what the spirit beings do: they speak to the human being and influence them, but the decision always lies with the human being themselves.

I came to the realization that it always depended on the inclinations of the human being, what their nature was like. I had observed this closely, because I wanted to learn my lessons from it; indeed, I wanted to achieve something. So I observed these things and saw that some people were credulous and quick to be persuaded; I saw that some were without will. But I also saw those who were stubborn. I saw how angels of God spoke insistently to such people and tried to convince them, and how their stubbornness did not permit them to accept what was said to them. So, one and the same observation could be made along a human being’s entire life path. For example, if a human being displayed a certain generosity in all things, then a spirit could count on this generosity – if they were able to win this person over to something, this person would also express generosity in that regard. It always depended on the human being’s own nature, on their true character. The spirits – the good as well as the evil ones – tried to speak to them. The good ones tried to distract someone from their opinion, to dissuade them when their opinion was wrong; and the evil ones tried in their own way when they saw that a human being was inclined to do good, to promote the good.

Over time I discovered how one has to act in order to convince human beings, to win them over to an idea. But I was not the only one to give human beings this attention in order to learn lessons. Others did so too – and everyone who did so had something in mind, they wanted to utilize it for their own personal advantage. I also knew the character of my husband, and I believed that he could be influenced.

At first, however, I tried to sow discord between the engaged couple, because I wanted to break them up. My friend’s sister ought to become my husband’s wife, so I could not support these two in harmony and love. So I deployed a forbidden tactic, believing that it would be to my family’s advantage. But as I set out to fill this man with jealousy and to make sure he accused his fiancée, I was warned that this was not in order. It was neither fair nor my duty to do such a thing, and I would be punished if I committed such an injustice. I did not have the right to forcefully split up two people who were living together in harmony and to influence them. Were I a good spirit, I would not do this. Were I to exercise my influence in spite of this warning, then my path to the children’s paradise, to my little Kathrin, would henceforth be closed.

I then complained and said that I absolutely had to find a wife for my husband. But I was told that this was not my concern. My husband would look for a wife himself, without me. I insisted on my opinion, but I said, “Fine, I will no longer bother or influence this couple.” But as often as I could, I stayed in the vicinity of these two. I was well aware that I was not allowed to exercise my influence over them, but I still believed there was somehow a chance to make my husband aware of my friend’s sister. So I busied myself with my husband. I influenced his thoughts; again and again I reminded him that he should think about my friend’s sister. I made my attempts in this way, and believed I was doing nothing wrong. But I had to realize that my husband had no interest at all in my friend’s sister. He did indeed think about her through my power and influence, but not with the intention that I had.

The time came for my husband to be discharged from hospital. He had needed to stay there for quite a long time; and I have clearly explained to you what had happened in the meantime. My husband could now go home, but my daughter remained with my sister. To my husband it now seemed completely natural to look for a new wife. He had his acquaintances and friends from before, so he also came into the company of young women. But, to me, none of them seemed good enough for him, and I kept trying to redirect him. I had to realize, however, that he was firmly resolved in thought and deed to marry a woman he knew. I was not in agreement with this.

I now approached my husband – I was frequently near him. I was still bound to him and to the house and to everything that was on earth; after all, I had not been dead long. But I was firmly rebuked, and I was forbidden from having access to my husband’s house. I was clearly made to understand that this would be the last time that I engaged myself with these thoughts. It was not my business to find a wife for my former husband. He would have to decide according to his own will and would have to carry the responsibility for his choice himself – this was none of my business. I was somewhat dejected, but I had to comply with this strict command, I had to obey. After all, I was told that this would be the last time I would be warned. Were I to disobey, I would be denied further access to the children’s paradise as a punishment for my disobedience. So I thought: “Well, I will now leave it to God and his helpers to find and prepare the right way.” And I said, “I trust in God and his help, and I will not return again until I am allowed.” With this decision it seemed that the higher spirit beings were satisfied with me.

However, the fact that I was not entirely serious was probably seen by these higher spirit beings, and they asked me to follow them. It was absolutely necessary for me to rest; after all, quite some grief had come over me. This they fully understood. Only a short time had elapsed since the accident, and I was still too bound to the events. I now had to try to detach myself somewhat from it all. They recommended that I go with them and remain in a house for a certain period of time where I could rest. They would give me some refreshment, and I would be able to sleep. After sleep, all these things would appear different. And so I obeyed, because I felt weak and uncertain. Indeed, I still wanted to go back – it simply pulled me back; but on the other hand I also wanted to be obedient. I therefore went with these angelic beings. They led me into a house, into a large room. There was a pleasant atmosphere within, and I perceived such a soothing fragrance. I was given a tonic, which I gladly accepted, and then I was able to sleep.

How long did I sleep? After awakening I no longer worried about time. I felt completely different: free and happy. I no longer felt bound to what I had left behind. The memories were still in my thoughts, but I no longer had such a yearning as before. I truly felt strengthened by this sleep. When I awoke, I was again offered some refreshment. The vigor in me was further strengthened. I now wanted to adapt to this new world.

Of course, I had not forgotten where my little Kathrin was. I wanted to know if she had also needed sleep. I received confirmation that this was the case and was told, “But it was not like it was with you. When she came to us from earth, she was given some refreshment and a sedative, but she only slept for a short time. Then she was cared for, as you have seen. Indeed, you were able to convince yourself that she feels completely well. However, as she is still so little, she requires sleep now and then, and she is then bedded down by angels of God.”

I should therefore no longer worry about her. I saw that everything was perfectly in hand. Even my concern for my husband and for the little one I had left behind on earth was no longer so great. I still felt a strong attachment to them, but it was like this: when I awoke from my sleep, my already deceased relatives were around me, they greeted me, they were happy and agreed to see that everything was in order with my family [on earth] and to tell me about them occasionally. They told me to remain calm and to feel happy in my current world. I no longer needed to worry about all that I had left behind – that is what God’s order is there for, and the angelic beings would see that everything was taken care of.

So I had confidence, and the joy of greeting my relatives was great. I invited them to accompany me to the children’s paradise, to my Kathrin. I told them about the magnificence of the place, how these little children are cared for and nurtured, and how they have no yearning for their earthly parents since so much variety is offered to them.

An angel then spoke to me about my future activity. They said that I would also have to have an occupation, and as I was a young mother with a child in children’s paradise, they would recommend me to work in a children’s paradise as well. One also had to see that everything was in order there, and all the many objects and playthings needed for the little ones also had to be prepared. If I agreed to such a task, I would be able to take on work there. I immediately inquired, “May I be close to my little one?” And I was told, “Not in the immediate vicinity, but you will always have the opportunity to observe her playing and learning. After all, she will grow, and she will be taught in school. One cannot only live playing and in this joy. When the children grow up and become bigger, they are led into another children’s paradise together with bigger children of the same age, so that they can be taught and brought up collectively.”

I agreed with all of this. I was fine with only occasionally being able to see how the little one was growing up and how she lived. And it was a great joy for me to make this visit together with my relatives. We talked extensively. Once more I saw that my little one did not long for her mommy and that she felt quite well. I was also told that she would not remain in this paradise for much longer; rather, she would very soon be taken to another one to be educated among others of her own age. But I was content – I was able to see her, and she truly had a caring upbringing.

My relatives told me about their activities and about the peace they had found in the spiritual world, how happy they now were to live here. We promised to visit each other now and then. And then we had to say goodbye once more. But, from time to time, my relatives brought me news of what was happening on earth. I had indeed detached myself from it all, but I continued to pray that my little Lisbeth, whom I had left behind, would get a good mother. It was my relatives on earth, especially my parents, who took care of their granddaughter. And later on I was also given the news that my husband had married again and taken Lisbeth back, and that the grandparents exerted their good influence on the wife. The grandparents also taught my child to remember her mother in heaven, not to forget her. So, time and again, I received news of how my loved ones were getting on.

I now carry out my work alternately: sometimes in the children’s paradise, where the very little ones are, and sometimes in another, where my task is of a different nature. I have a wonderful task, and I still carry out this activity. What awaits me later on, I do not know. A spirit of God told me that I first had to fill my entire being with love and the willingness to make sacrifices, and in this regard the children’s paradise is especially suitable for me. There, one is able to harmonize one’s nature with the angels who are active there. One can learn so much there and be influenced by the great peace, devotion, and sacrifice. I am to be filled with this, then a corresponding task will await me later on, where I will be able to unfold that which I have grasped and been permeated by in this heaven. My entire being is to be filled with great devotion and tenderness. And this is what I had to report to you: on the life that I now live – a life that I am impressed by – how I have been, and how I was initially unable to believe that I had died.

And if you are interested to know how long it has been since I entered the spiritual world because of the accident – I personally could not calculate it because I no longer have a measure of time as you do, but I have been told that it was around eight years ago according to your reckoning of time.

So – as I believe and as has been indicated to me – an important and beautiful activity awaits me, which I will be allowed to fulfill in God’s plan of salvation. I would now like to leave you with a “God bless you”.

Personal account given by ascending spirit Kathrin, received in German through the medium Beatrice Brunner in the hall on Münchhaldenstrasse in Zurich, 6 March 1968

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