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Our Principles

“Faith alone is not enough,
to faith belong deeds.”
Lene, 1965

Fundraising to relieve hunger and hardship have a long tradition within GL Zürich. The charitable association Hilfswerk GL Zürich supports numerous development projects and organizes collections in the event of catastrophes. All donations are passed on to the selected institutions without any deduction. The association is run on a voluntary basis and is tax-exempt in Switzerland.


Principles for selecting projects


Help for the poorest

Donations are specifically used to support projects in the poorest regions of the world.

Key focus

Support is given to local projects in the areas of malnutrition, health, and education.

Help for self-help

Selected projects should be planned and implemented on the basis of help for self-help in cooperation with the local population.

Use of donations

Selected charities are expected to use as little of the funds donated as possible for administrative purposes.


Projects are selected with the aim of supporting them in the long-term, thus contributing to their sustainability and ability to plan for the future.

Emergency aid

In the event of current disasters, organizations that can provide immediate and effective emergency aid will be considered.

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