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Fundraising to relieve hunger and hardship have a long tradition within our community. Since the community's foundation, a large number of relief and development projects have been supported.


To better administer this engagement, the association Hilfswerk GL Zürich was founded. Collections for emergency humanitarian aid and for development projects are carried out by this association. The total sum of all donations is passed on to the selected institutions without any deduction. Hilfswerk GL Zürich is managed on a voluntary basis and is tax-exempt in Switzerland.

The donations are used on the one hand to provide emergency aid and, on the other hand, to improve the living conditions of the world’s poorest people in the long term. The board selects suitable projects and institutions according to the principles listed below.

In addition to the regular support of selected aid projects, Hilfswerk GL Zürich also organizes special collections in the event of catastrophes. Donations are passed on to organizations providing emergency aid in such cases.

Principles for the selection of projects

Help for the poorest

Donations are specifically used to support projects in the poorest regions of the world. With ‘poorest’ we consider children in particular and people in need who would otherwise not be taken care of.

Help for self-help

The selected projects should be planned and implemented on the basis of ‘help for self-help’ in cooperation with the local population.

Personal commitment

Local projects with clear objectives that are managed and controlled by their founders or their successors will be selected. The personal and dedicated commitment of these people on site should ensure that the donations entrusted to them are used responsibly.

Use of donations

The selected relief organizations are expected to use as little of the funds donated as possible for administrative purposes. Annual reports must document what the donated funds were actually used for.


We prefer to support the selected local projects over a longer period of time in order to enable those with responsibility for the projects to plan for the future development of their work. To ensure that the living conditions of people in need can be sustainably improved, projects should cover various areas, such as health care, education and job creation.

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