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Issues of the journal The Spiritual World can be read online, free of charge.

The Spiritual World

The Spiritual World contains translations of the messages given by the world beyond over a 35-year period through the deep-trance medium Beatrice Brunner (1910–1983) and is published six times a year as an e-journal.

The Spiritual World contains translations of the messages given by the world beyond over a 35-year period through the deep-trance medium Beatrice Brunner (1910–1983) and is published six times a year as an e-journal.

Current issue
The Spiritual World 3/2024
  • What Causes a Good or a Bad Conscience?
  • The Law of God Is Connected to Every Soul
  • A Human Being’s Conscience Is a Teacher

E-Journal, 22 pages (PDF)
Issue 3/2024
The Spiritual World 2/2024
  • Coming Closer to God through Faith, Deeds, and a Righteous Life
  • How Ascending Spirits and Human Beings Are Strengthened in Faith
  • Seeking the Valuable Content of Faith

E-Journal, 17 pages (PDF)
Issue 2/2024
The Spiritual World 1/2024
Life after Death
  • Does Life Continue in a Spiritual World?
  • The Soul’s Immortality – The Search for Evidence

E-Journal, 19 pages (PDF)
Issue 1/2024
The Spiritual World 6/2023
Christ – Our Savior
  • Contemplation and Preparation in Holy Christmastide
  • With Christ a Wonderful Light Came into This World
  • Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of Humankind

E-Journal, 18 pages (PDF)
Issue 6/2023
The Spiritual World 5/2023
Citizens of Two Worlds
  • The Soul Has a Share in Eternity
  • Human Beings Live in a Foreign Land, Far from Their Spiritual Home
  • Welcomed as a Citizen in the World Beyond

E-Journal, 18 pages (PDF)
Issue 5/2023
The Spiritual World 4/2023
Preparation for a New Earthly Life
  • Careful Training and Instruction by Spirits of God
  • A Soul Reports on Her Hopes and Concerns Before Her Reincarnation
  • How Spirit Beings Are Encouraged Prior to Human Incarnation

E-Journal, 18 pages (PDF)
Issue 4/2023
The Spiritual World 3/2023
Power of Forgiveness
  • He Who Does Not Forgive His Brother – Fulfillment of a Spiritual Law
  • “Forgive Us Our Debts, as We Also Forgive Our Debtors”
  • Near-Earth Spiritual Places of Reunion and Reconciliation

E-Journal, 21 pages (PDF)
Issue 3/2023
The Spiritual World 2/2023
The Lord’s Prayer
  • A Guided Meditation on Christianity’s Most Beautiful Prayer
  • The Our Father – A Dedication to the Lord

E-Journal, 19 pages (PDF)
Issue 2/2023
The Spiritual World 1/2023
Space and Time
  • How Spirit Beings Rapidly Overcome Great Distances
  • Pathways of Eternity
  • Time in the World Beyond

E-Journal, 16 pages (PDF)
Issue 1/2023
The Spiritual World 6/2022
Christ, the Son of God
  • “I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”
  • Why Did the Son of God Have To Take On Human Incarnation?
  • God Gave Christ Only One Name – He Called Him Simply “My Son”

E-Journal, 16 pages (PDF)
Issue 6/2022
The Spiritual World 5/2022
Drugs and Addictions
  • Spiritual Consequences of Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • How Deceased Addicts Are Cared For in the Divine World
  • Wounds of the Soul

E-Journal, 21 pages (PDF)
Issue 5/2022
The Spiritual World 4/2022
Earthly Creation and the Work of Odic Currents
  • The Formation and Ensoulment of the Earth
  • Transformation from Animal to Human – How the First Human Couple Was Brought into Being
  • Diversity and Nature of Odic Currents

E-Journal, 21 pages (PDF)
Issue 4/2022
The Spiritual World 3/2022
Teachings on Od – Beginnings of Creation
  • The Beginning and Unfolding of Spiritual Creation
  • The Higher the Level of Development, the Finer the Odic Force
  • The Earthly, Material World Is a Condensation of Spirit

E-Journal, 21 pages (PDF)
Issue 3/2022
The Spiritual World 2/2022
Last Judgment and the New Law
  • The Spiritual Significance of the Easter Festival
  • The Last Judgment – The Beginning of a New Age and a New Order for the Ascent of All Creatures
  • Through His Law, Christ Is United with Humankind until the End of the World

E-Journal, 24 pages (PDF)
Issue 2/2022
The Spiritual World 1/2022
  • Possible Causes of Melancholy and Paths of Healing
  • Suicide after Losing Courage and Joy in Life
  • When Old Feelings of Guilt Plague the Soul

E-Journal, 20 pages (PDF)
Issue 1/2022
The Spiritual World 6/2021
Jesus’ Younger Years
  • Insights into Jesus’ Childhood and Family Life
  • From Jesus’ Life between Childhood and Adulthood
  • The Twelve-Year-Old Jesus in the Temple

E-Journal, 21 pages (PDF)
Issue 6/2021
The Spiritual World 5/2021
  • Accidental Death of a Young Family Man – Comforting Support from the World Beyond
  • Love and Connection beyond Death
  • Temporary Separation

E-Journal, 24 pages (PDF)
Issue 5/2021
The Spiritual World 4/2021
  • The Colorful Experience of Music in the High Heavens
  • Where Heavenly Artists Receive the Power of Inspiration
  • Developing Musical Talent in the World Beyond

E-Journal, 24 pages (PDF)
Issue 4/2021
The Spiritual World 3/2021
Fate and Karma
  • The Distinction between Fates That Are God Willed and Those That Are Not
  • The Fates of Individuals, Families, Groups, and Nations
  • A Plan Is Mapped Out for Every Human Being – Angels of God Watch Over Its Fulfillment

E-Journal, 19 pages (PDF)
Issue 3/2021
The Spiritual World 2/2021
  • What Happens to a Cherished Pet after Its Death?
  • Animals in the World Beyond
  • Spiritual Animals as Guardians of Human Beings

E-Journal, 20 pages (PDF)
Issue 2/2021
The Spiritual World 1/2021
Christianity’s Lost Knowledge
  • Key Terms in Spiritual Teaching – An Introduction to Christian Spirituality
  • Insights into the Origin of Creation and the Fall of the Spirits
  • God’s Plan of Salvation and Redemption

E-Journal, 19 pages (PDF)
Issue 1/2021
The Spiritual World 6/2020
Guardian Angels
  • Various Protective Spirit Beings Are around Every Human Being
  • The Work of Guardian Spirits
  • How to Enter into a Close Friendship with Your Guardian Spirit

E-Journal, 20 pages (PDF)
Issue 6/2020
The Spiritual World 5/2020
  • The Responsible Use of One’s Own Energies
  • In Nature there Is a Diversity of Odic Currents That Human Beings can Use for Their Health
  • How Healing Angels Work to Physically Strengthen Human Beings

E-Journal, 21 pages (PDF)
Issue 5/2020
The Spiritual World 4/2020
  • Meditation Guidance
  • Exercises to Free Oneself in Spirit from Earthly Matter
  • Spiritual Support in Every Life Situation through Meditation

E-Journal, 20 pages (PDF)
Issue 4/2020
The Spiritual World 3/2020
Sleep Life of Human Beings
  • Activity and Instruction of the Human Spirit during Sleep
  • How Do the Exhortations of a Guardian Spirit Reach the Consciousness of a Human Being?
  • Distinction between Meaningful Dream-Images and Confused, Nonsensical Dreams

E-Journal, 20 pages (PDF)
Issue 3/2020
The Spiritual World 2/2020
Cross of Christ
  • The Cross Points Human Beings to the Higher Goals of Life
  • Symbol of Grief and Suffering, but also of Victory and Fulfillment
  • Memorial, Signpost and Walking-Staff

E-Journal, 20 pages (PDF)
Issue 2/2020
The Spiritual World 1/2020
  • “He Who Believes in Me Will Live, even though He Dies”
  • The Breath of the Great Creator-Spirit Embraces All Living Things

E-Journal, 16 pages (PDF)
Issue 1/2020
The Spiritual World 6/2019
The Redeemer Is Born
  • Christ Himself Prepared and Organized His Incarnation
  • Jesus and the Blind-born
  • Living Hope and Love

E-Journal, 24 pages (PDF)
Issue 6/2019
The Spiritual World 5/2019
Dying Process of Human Beings
  • Sudden Fatal Accident of a Married Couple
  • A Deathbed Experience
  • Awakening in the World Beyond

E-Journal, 20 pages (PDF)
Issue 5/2019
The Spiritual World 4/2019
  • Believing, yet Without Belief in a Spiritual World
  • Maria – Her Initial Experiences in the Beyond

E-Journal, 17 pages (PDF)
Issue 4/2019
The Spiritual World 3/2019
  • “I Shall Remain with You until the End of the World”
  • The True Church of Christ

E-Journal, 13 pages (PDF)
Issue 3/2019
The Spiritual World 2/2019
Ascent and Return Home
  • Ascent from the Realms of Hell
  • How Does an Unhappy Spirit Manage to Escape the Realm of Lucifer?
  • Different Ways of Returning Home

E-Journal, 21 pages (PDF)
Issue 2/2019
The Spiritual World 1/2019
  • The Power of a Good Attitude
  • Place the Seed of Love into the Hearts of Your Children

E-Journal, 13 pages (PDF)
Issue 1/2019
The Spiritual World 6/2018
  • Awakening in Heavenly Bliss
  • Strengthened and Trained Human Beings Are Required for Spiritual Progress on Earth

E-Journal, 17 pages (PDF)
Issue 6/2018
The Spiritual World 5/2018
  • How Prayers Are Answered – Experiences of a Guardian Spirit
  • The Effect of Prayers for the Deceased
  • The Our Father – Christianity’s Most Important Prayer

E-Journal, 24 pages (PDF)
Issue 5/2018
The Spiritual World 4/2018
  • How Human Beings Are Judged and Organized by the Divine World
  • Visiting Three Altars

E-Journal, 17 pages (PDF)
Issue 4/2018
The Spiritual World 3/2018
  • Sources of Strength and Confidence on the Path of Life
  • Marked for a Special Task

E-Journal, 13 pages (PDF)
Issue 3/2018
The Spiritual World 2/2018
  • Jesus – The Redeemer of Mankind
  • There Was No Return to Heaven Prior to Christ’s Redemption

E-Journal, 17 pages (PDF)
Issue 2/2018
The Spiritual World 1/2018
  • The Reason behind Human Life
  • How the Rift in the Spiritual World Came About

E-Journal, 16 pages (PDF)
Issue 1/2018
The Spiritual World 6/2017
  • The Saviour Is Born – A Message of Consolation and Hope
  • The Noble Values in Human Souls Want to Be Expressed

E-Journal, 16 pages (PDF)
Issue 6/2017
The Spiritual World 5/2017
  • The Blessed Day and the Blessed Life
  • Jesus’ Parable of the Lost

E-Journal, 15 pages (PDF)
Issue 5/2017
The Spiritual World 4/2017
  • A Spiritual Field Trip to Earth
  • Heinrich – The Return of a Good but Unbelieving Person

E-Journal, 23 pages (PDF)
Issue 4/2017
The Spiritual World 3/2017
  • Whitsun: A Festival of Fulfilment
  • Human Life Consists of Weaving One’s Own Spiritual Garment

E-Journal, 15 pages (PDF)
Issue 3/2017
The Spiritual World 2/2017
  • Christ Fulfilled the Task Given Him by the Father
  • The Heavenly Language of Angels

E-Journal, 16 pages (PDF)
Issue 2/2017
The Spiritual World 1/2017
  • What Is Created on a Small Scale Will Grow and Expand
  • “I Go Forth in Order to Prepare a Home for You”

E-Journal, 14 pages (PDF)
Issue 1/2017
The Spiritual World 6/2016
  • Preparations in the Spiritual World for Christ’s Mission on Earth
  • Christmas – The Festival of Peace and Light

E-Journal, 14 pages (PDF)
Issue 6/2016
The Spiritual World 5/2016
  • Two Parables with Encoded Reference to Reincarnation
  • “Fritz the Beggar” – Initial Experiences of a Simple Farmer

E-Journal, 17 pages (PDF)
Issue 5/2016
The Spiritual World 4/2016
  • Od – The Spiritual Life Force in the Levels of Ascent
  • The Spiritual Trail to One’s Own Past

E-Journal, 18 pages (PDF)
Issue 4/2016
The Spiritual World 3/2016
  • The Empty Grave – What Happened after Jesus’ Death?
  • Christ’s Battle in Hell and His Triumphal Reception in Heaven

E-Journal, 16 pages (PDF)
Issue 3/2016
The Spiritual World 2/2016
  • “I Am the Vine and You Are the Branches”
  • Man’s Relationship with the Divine World

E-Journal, 16 pages (PDF)
Issue 2/2016
The Spiritual World 1/2016
  • Are Prosperity and Well-Being Useful for Spiritual Ascent?
  • Every Nation and Every Race Is on the Path of Ascent

E-Journal, 15 pages (PDF)
Issue 1/2016
The Spiritual World 6/2015
  • Christ – The Light, the Way and the Truth
  • Peace at Home, in the Heart and Soul Is the Most Valuable

E-Journal, 15 pages (PDF)
Issue 6/2015
The Spiritual World 5/2015
  • Ways of Atonement and Purification
  • Early Death Due to a Hunting Accident

E-Journal, 18 pages (PDF)
Issue 5/2015
The Spiritual World 4/2015
  • In Reincarnation Lies the Wisdom of God
  • Why Is It Necessary for Human Beings to Be Reincarnated?
  • The Process of Reincarnation

E-Journal, 17 pages (PDF)
Issue 4/2015
The Spiritual World 3/2015
History of Christianity
  • History of Christianity – Its Background and Development
  • The True Church of Christ and the Church of Christ Today
  • Insights into Early Christianity

E-Journal, 19 pages (PDF)
Issue 3/2015
The Spiritual World 2/2015
  • The Realm of God Is among You
  • The Spiritual Teachers of Human Beings

E-Journal, 12 pages (PDF)
Issue 2/2015
The Spiritual World 1/2015
  • Service to Others – The Homecoming of a Missionary
  • Retribution for Unfair Business and Hardheartedness

E-Journal, 17 pages (PDF)
Issue 1/2015
The Spiritual World 6/2014
  • Longing for Comfort at Christmas
  • Holy Time of Christmas – Dedication to the Lord

E-Journal, 15 pages (PDF)
Issue 6/2014
The Spiritual World 5/2014
  • A Long Way to Integration in the Divine Order
  • Introduction to the High School of Life

E-Journal, 15 pages (PDF)
Issue 5/2014
The Spiritual World 4/2014
  • A Spiritual Guidance
  • Stuck in the Memories of a Comfortable Life on Earth

E-Journal, 12 pages (PDF)
Issue 4/2014
The Spiritual World 3/2014
  • Whitsun – The Meaning of the Word “Spirit”
  • “In the Beginning the Word Was Already in God”

E-Journal, 14 pages (PDF)
Issue 3/2014
The Spiritual World 2/2014
  • Easter Festivities in the Levels of Ascent
  • Artistic Talents Unfold in the Course of the Ascent

E-Journal, 15 pages (PDF)
Issue 2/2014
The Spiritual World 1/2014
  • Faith as a Test of Life
  • Chained to Earthly Wealth

E-Journal, 17 pages (PDF)
Issue 1/2014
The Spiritual World 6/2013
  • You Earn Your Exact Place in Heaven
  • The Angel and the Vagabonds

E-Journal, 15 pages (PDF)
Issue 6/2013
The Spiritual World 5/2013
  • When Human Beings Cause Accidents Themselves
  • Preparations for a Life on Earth

E-Journal, 13 pages (PDF)
Issue 5/2013
The Spiritual World 4/2013
  • Human Beings in Two Worlds
  • Happy Reunion of Mother and Daughter

E-Journal, 17 pages (PDF)
Issue 4/2013
The Spiritual World 3/2013
  • Heaven Is within the Human Being
  • Balthasar and His Dog

E-Journal, 16 pages (PDF)
Issue 3/2013
The Spiritual World 2/2013
  • Sense and Purpose of Life
  • Children Growing Up in the Spiritual World

E-Journal, 18 pages (PDF)
Issue 2/2013
The Spiritual World 1/2013
  • Sources of Healing Power
  • Reverence for All Life

E-Journal, 14 pages (PDF)
Issue 1/2013