Frequently Asked Questions

Who belongs to the association?


Members of GL Zürich come from all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. What unites friends of our association is their faith in Christ and their interest in Christian spirit teaching. GL Zürich opens its doors to anyone seeking spiritual truth; there are no confessional barriers. Its congregation, however, is mainly composed of protestant and catholic Christians who often are still members of their respective churches.

What is the difference between GL Zürich and another church?


During the services of GL Zürich the word of God is not proclaimed by a human being but by teachers from the spiritual world: spirits of God who instruct the listeners in the Gospel of Christ through the deep-trance medium Beatrice Brunner. The German-langauge messages channelled between 1957 and 1983 were recorded, first on tape and later on video, and today are replayed during the services. GL Zürich has in its archives more than 1400 recorded lectures of between one and one-and-a-half hours’ duration.

For what reason do we need to be instructed by spirits of God?


Over the centuries, and with the rise in power of the church, much of the original content of the Gospel of Christ has been considerably modified and/or lost. Many errors and uncertainties have crept into the original teaching, resulting in a considerable confessional and dogmatic fragmentation. In order to restore the true teaching of Christ, one has to go back to the source – the spirits of truth whom Christ promised to send his followers (e.g. John 14, 26; 16, 12–13).

What is the significance of the Bible?


Both the Old and New Testament form the basis of Christian belief and Christianity. Since its beginnings, the Bible has undergone many changes, be it by misunderstanding, deliberate falsification, or by translation errors.

Christian spirit teaching does not interpret the Bible literally since the language of both the Old and New Testament is to a large extent a symbolic one. Just consider the parables of the Gospel: Christ explains the essentials of his teaching in symbols.

Who were the teachers lecturing through Beatrice Brunner?


During the 35 years of Beatrice Brunner’s channelling activities there were mostly the same two spirit beings, Joseph and Lene, who instructed the listeners regularly in spiritual teaching. The majority of the lectures stem from spirit teacher Joseph who, at the very beginning in October 1948, addressed a small circle of listeners. It was in 1954 when spirit teacher Lene first spoke through Beatrice Brunner. Subsequently, and in close cooperation with Joseph, she expounded on different subjects of spiritual teaching, and also provided insight into the heavenly world by means of guided meditations. Between 1958 and 1970, and usually once a month, ascending spirit beings also spoke through Beatrice Brunner. These were deceased human beings – especially selected by the spiritual leaders and teachers of the association – who had been requested to give an account of their initial experiences in the world beyond, in order to provide a vivid picture of what might be in store for human beings after their earthly death.

What is the process of communicating through a medium?


The setting in which the lectures from the beyond were transmitted was always unpretentious and orderly. For more than 30 years the services took place in the large hall of the Academy of Music in Zurich, as well as in the association’s own small hall. The services always started with prayer and peaceful music. The medium, Beatrice Brunner, sat in front of the listeners, sinking into deep-trance almost unnoticed and recognizable only by the sudden breath she drew rather strongly – mouth closed – and the straightening of her upper body. Immediately the manifesting spirit would start with the usual greeting “God bless you,” and then begin his or her lecture. At the end, i.e. after a lecture of between 1–1½ hour’s duration, the spirit being said goodbye with the same greeting with which it began the lecture, whereupon Beatrice Brunner woke up immediately with a deep exhalation. She herself had no knowledge whatsoever of what had been spoken through her during her trance. The service ended with a prayer and calming music.

Today the lectures, recorded on tape and video, are replayed in the same unpretentious and orderly manner.

What are the requirements for attending the services?


GL Zürich welcomes all those seeking spiritual truth. The services are events without intrusiveness and fanaticism. Those wishing to attend the German-language services may do so by applying for a free guest pass at the secretariat of GL Zürich.


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