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The spiritual lectures given by the world beyond through the medium Beatrice Brunner cover a wide variety of subjects and address life’s key questions. These lectures are published in the journal The Spiritual World. Here you can find a selection of issues organized according to their topic. Simply choose an area of interest and read the issues online.

Discover the archive of online issues of The Spiritual World here.

Spiritual & Earthly World

Life after Death
Life after Death
  • Does life continue in a spiritual world?
  • The soul’s immortality – the search for evidence
The Spiritual World | Issue 1/2024
Citizens of Two Worlds
Citizens of Two Worlds
  • The soul has a share in eternity
  • Human beings live in a foreign land, far from their spiritual home
The Spiritual World | Issue 5/2023
Preparation for a New Earthly Life
Preparation for a New Earthly Life
  • Careful training and instruction by spirits of God
  • A soul reports on her hopes and concerns before her reincarnation
The Spiritual World | Issue 4/2023