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The Spiritual World

Journal containing lectures given through the medium Beatrice Brunner.
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About the Journal

The Spiritual World contains translations of the spiritual lectures given by the world beyond over a 35-year period through the Swiss medium Beatrice Brunner (1910–1983). These lectures give insight into the cause, meaning, and purpose of earthly existence, and provide information on life after death. The Spiritual World is published six times a year as an e-journal, and forthcoming issues are each dedicated to a particular topic, with lectures selected to illuminate a special area of interest. You can find the archive of online issues here.

  • Introduction to spiritual teachings
  • Specially curated for new readers


Each issue of the journal The Spiritual World contains a selection of lectures that focus on a particular topic. The following overview shows the diversity of subjects covered in the mediumistic messages given through Beatrice Brunner. Explore an area of interest by reading the individual issues online.


Spirituality & Faith


Meditation & Prayer


Bible & Christendom


Health & Life Issues


Creation & Teachings on Od