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The spiritual lectures given by the world beyond through the medium Beatrice Brunner cover a wide variety of subjects and address life’s key questions. These lectures are published in the journal The Spiritual World. Here you can find a selection of issues organized according to their topic. Simply choose an area of interest and read the issues online.

Discover the archive of online issues of The Spiritual World here.

Health & Life Issues

  • The responsible use of one’s own energies
  • Odic currents in nature that human beings can use for their health
  • How angels work to physically strengthen human beings
The Spiritual World | Issue 5/2020
  • Accidental death of a young family man - support from the world beyond
  • Love and connection beyond death
  • Temporary separation
The Spiritual World | Issue 5/2021
  • Possible causes of melancholy and paths of healing
  • Suicide after losing courage and joy in life
  • When old feelings of guilt plague the soul
The Spiritual World | Issue 1/2022
Fate and Karma
Fate and Karma
  • The distinction between fates that are God willed and those that are not
  • The fates of individuals, families, and nations
  • A plan is mapped out for every human being
The Spiritual World | Issue 3/2021
Drugs and Addictions
Drugs and Addictions
  • Spiritual Consequences of Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • How Deceased Addicts Are Cared For in the Divine World
  • Wounds of the Soul
The Spiritual World | Issue 5/2022
The Power of Forgiveness
The Power of Forgiveness
  • He who does not forgive his brother – fulfillment of a spiritual law
  • “Forgive us our debts, as we also forgive our debtors”
The Spiritual World | Issue 3/2023