Selam Children’s Homes and Training Center, Ethiopia

The aid organization Selam has been running children’s homes, schools and vocational training centers for children and young people in Ethiopia for over 30 years. In addition to its own 450 orphans, around 2,500 children from the immediate neighborhood are taught in the Selam-School in Addis Abeba. In total, Selam employs almost 1,000 local staff.

The vocational training centers in Addis Abeba and Awassa offer apprenticeships in metal and mechanical engineering, electrics and electronics, vehicle mechanics, woodworking, IT, office management, catering, sewing and agriculture. Young women are given the same opportunities as men. With its balance between theory and practice based on the Swiss model of vocational training, the training center has developed into an important element of Ethiopia’s education and training. Those in the Swiss Civilian Service form a valuable part of the training program. Around 500 apprentices attend the formal training courses, which last between one and four years. A further 300 are involved in informal courses.

In order to support socially-disadvantaged and single mothers, Selam has been running its own day care center since 2014. There, up to 100 children are cared for every day. The mothers do not have to pay anything, instead they help with child care one day a month.

In the Selam day clinic, basic medical care and dental treatment is provided. These preventative and medical treatments are available to all Selam children: the students, the employees, and those in need from the neighborhood.

Selam also supports destitute families with educational scholarships, there is a lunch program for disadvantaged students and a hygiene program for young women. For a long time already, there has also been an arts and crafts workshop for older single women, whose products are sold by Selam and provide the women with a modest income.

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