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Cover of the Journal The Spiritual World, Issue 3/2024 on the Theme of Conscience
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The Spiritual World 3/2024

Human beings have a quiet voice within themselves that guides their actions. It praises and gives them a good feeling when they have done something good; and it rebukes and admonishes when they want to do, or have already done, something bad. It is the conscience that thus serves as a spiritual teacher and guardian. But how does the conscience work? How is it possible to have a “good” or a “bad” conscience? What gives a person these impulses, these feelings of the soul? The lectures in this themed issue give insight into how this quiet voice operates within the human being. Spirit-teacher Joseph teaches us about the connection that exists between the universal law of God and every soul. A person’s own spirit, their soul, knows exactly what is right and wrong. And, according to how the person acts, the soul makes itself heard. In addition to this, the spirit world of God speaks to the person’s spirit. It is one’s personal guardian spirits and guiding spirits who convey praise or criticism. This issue of The Spiritual World stresses the necessity of educating and refining one’s conscience. It also explains why certain people have no conscience at all, why they are incapable of hearing this inner voice.

Issue 3/2024
E-Journal, 22 pages (PDF)