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On Life after Death

“We would like to give human beings insight into the other life and show them how it looks – this world beyond is simply different to how human beings imagine it.”
Joseph, 1963
Cover of the book Life after Life by Beatrice Brunner
The only begotten Son of God became a man, and there is a reason for this immensely important world-historic event. This book addresses fundamental questions about Jesus Christ. It sheds light on the meaning of Christ’s parables and sayings, as well as explaining the significance of his incarnation and his act of redemption. The meaning and purpose of our own human existence is also made clear.
Cover of the Book Jesus – New Insights into His Life and Mission by Walther Hinz, based on Messages from Medium Beatrice Brunner.
Walther Hinz

Jesus – New Insights into His Life and Mission


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The incarnation of Jesus Christ, his teaching, his command to love one's neighbor, and his act of redemption form the foundation of Christianity. In order to understand Christian teaching in its original form, the ‘Spirit of truth’ as promised by Jesus is needed. Accordingly, the knowledge published in this book does not come from human beings, but is based on messages from the divine world that were conveyed through the deep-trance medium Beatrice Brunner.


  • Pre-history: the fall of the angels
  • Preparations for Christ’s incarnation
  • The birth, childhood and boyhood of Jesus
  • The teaching ministry of Jesus
  • The meaning of Jesus’ sayings and parables
  • The last days in the life of Jesus
  • The Last Judgement and the new law
  • Between the resurrection and the ascension
  • Christ returns to his Father
Jesus – New Insights
print length: 342 pages,
1st edition 2015
ISBN: 978-3-85516-017-4