Rhein-Valley Hospital

The association Rhein-Valley Hospital runs a small hospital for the poor population of Kasambara-Gilgil (Rift Valley Province) a remote mountain region of Kenya. The hospital was built in 2001 on the initiative of Stephan Holderegger, a native of the Rhein-Valley of St. Gall in Switzerland. He did this out of gratitude for a successful lung transplantation and to give the rest of his life a deeper sense.

With an annual budget of CHF 250’000.– the hospital treats between 40’000 and 50’000 patients and offers special vaccination days, mainly for children. Apart from the basic care, help in other fields is made available, for instance the provision of clean drinking water by constructing wells or the handing out of basic food.

The Rhein-Valley Hospital is managed by Ruth Schäfer, life partner of Stephan Holderegger. She had already proved successful with focussing her energy on the construction of the hospital. Ruth Schäfer demonstrated remarkable skill in gaining the support and cooperation of the local staff, especially so during 2008, when the small hospital was flooded by hundreds of refugees during the disturbances after the elections in Kenya. The hospital area turned into a town of tents within a very short period, offering a temporary home and food to some 780 exiled people for weeks.


Donations to Rhein-Valley Hospital


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