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The Spiritual World – Special Edition


This 32-page Special Edition of The Spiritual World is specially curated for interested new readers who wish to gain insight into Christian spiritual teaching. It contains information about the association GL Zürich and three selected lectures as well as questions-and-answers, which provide a taste of the spiritual teachings transmitted through deep-trance medium Beatrice Brunner.


  • A Brief Outline of Spiritual Teaching
  • Questions Concerning the Fall of the Spirits and the Plan of Salvation
  • What Are the Expectations of a Human Being Who Was Devoted to Doing Good in His Life yet Had No Belief in God?
  • God Is Not the Origin of Injustice in the World – Human Beings Themselves Cause Injustice to One Another
  • How to Enter into a Close Relationship with Your Guardian Spirit
  • How Does a Guardian Spirit Go About Influencing His Protégé?

The Special Edition can be viewed for free as an e-journal (PDF and ePub).

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