Spirit teaching – topic overview


Spirit teaching provides insight into various areas of life, both of this world and the beyond. It offers a wide-ranging instruction on a variety of themes or special subjects.


The following focal points of spirit teaching are dealt with in the themed issues of the journal “The Spiritual World”:

God, Christ, and the holy spiritual world
  • The personality of God and his infinite creative power
  • Christ, the Son of God
  • The spiritual world of God
The world beyond
  • Levels of ascent, organisation
  • Spiritual life and its diversity
  • Justice and spiritual laws
The plan of salvation and redemption
  • The fall of part of the spirit world due to disobedience
  • The life and work of Jesus Christ
    • Preparations for incarnation
    • Jesus’ birth
    • Jesus’ childhood and youth
    • Jesus’ last days – “It is finished!”
    • The last judgement and the new law
    • Between Easter and Ascension
    • Christ’s return home to the Father
  • Reincarnation and ascent through several earthly lives
Faith, mediumship, protection
  • Prayer, intercession, blessing
  • Protecting spirits and guardian angels
  • Inner reflection, meditation
  • Conscience
  • Spiritual experiences, dreams
  • Faith, spiritualism
  • Mediumship
 Bible study
  • Early Christianity, Christianity today, theological questions
  • Interpretation of biblical passages, parables, the Lord’s sayings
Knowledge of the creation
  • Science, teaching on odic force
  • Soul, spirit, body
  • Space, time
  • Origin of the universe, Earth
  • Task and function of stars and planets
  • Diversity and life in nature
Health, life issues
  • Health for body and spirit
  • Addictions: drugs, alcohol, smoking
  • Life issues, help in life
  • Death, dealing with grief
  • Destiny and karma
Social issues, state
  • Partnership, family
  • Materialism, possession
  • State, justice, human rights
Evil, darkness, disharmony
  • Existence and power of evil
  • Violation of human rights and dignity
  • Vices, maliciousness

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